​Fox’s initial marketing push to drive viewers to its glitzy, sudsy midseason premiere of Empire seems to have paid off, with first week Nielsen numbers putting the music industry soap opera right up there with How to Get Away with Murder as the most-watched new series of the season.

Now, the network is entering phase two of its campaign by emphasizing two of the boldest features of this big, brash series: the runway-ready fashions, and television’s newest badass diva who sports them.

Taraji P. Henson’s character Cookie Lyon is arguably the breakout fan favorite on the show so far, and Fox is doing all they can put her out in front of viewers. .

“Everyone loves Cookie!” proclaims one of the latest promos for the series (above), which is also festooned with praise from critics for Henson’s performance.

Teaser clips released and a series of GIFs and Vines released this week also put Cookie front and center, and show off the fire and attitude that won everyone over in the premiere:

And then there’s the hashtag #ishCookieSays, which fans have been using to share their favorite Cookieisms across the Twittersphere:

It helps that Henson herself is incredibly at ease with social media. Ms. Cookie herself has been a pretty constant presence on Twitter since the show’s premiere, thanking fans, sharing in on the #ishCookieSays fun, and retweeting up a storm.

Henson even deploys her own #CookieLovesYou hashtag when the mood strikes.

But it’s not just Cookie’s shade throwing—and shoe throwing—that are getting a big push this week. Fox is also playing up the fashion at the center of the show.

Fox marketing executive Laurel Bernard told Brief ahead of the premiere that fashionistas and viewers that love them were a key target for the network’s initial campaign, and influencer screenings ahead of the debut included the likes of Naomi Campbell.

Now, Fox has released online video extras that highlight the runway-ready looks, and explain the importance of getting the glamor right in a show that is looking to give an authentic look at the music industry.


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