Paramount Mountain, which offers consumers a “mountain of entertainment,” has something for everyone – whether it’s The Good Fight, starring Christine Baranski, South Park, any number of Star Trek series, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Yellowstone and its spinoffs, and more.

In the above spot produced for Paramount by advertising agency Droga5 and creative agency The Mil and directed by O Positive’s David Shane, characters from various pieces of Paramount-produced content are hanging out atop the aforementioned mountain (which looks freezing, frankly). Suddenly, a giant bucket of water appears in the sky – apparently not for the first time – causing them all to assume the position from another famous piece of Paramount-produced content: Flashdance. Everyone’s enjoying being flooded with water, until it crashes down, killing South Park’s Kenny. Bastards.



Client: Paramount

Agency: Droga5

Producer: Forrest Holt, Adam Vevang

Creative Director: Daniel Kelly

Art Director: Gonzalo Navarro

Executive Producer: Jeremy Fox

Production: O Positive

Director: David Shane

Producer: Jason Reda

VFX: The Mill

Creative Director: Nathan Kane

VFX Supervisors: Kshitij Khanna, James Mulholland

Executive Producer: TJ Sponzo

Production Supervisor: Colin Blaney, Luis Martin

Producers: Joaquin Lopez Perez, Mia Saunders

Associate Producer: Zack Stimell

Production Coordinator: Tara Goodman

Shoot Supervisor: Kshitij Khanna

2D Lead Artists: Kshitij Khanna, Antoine Douadi

3D Lead Artists: James Mulholland, Seon Crawford

2D Artists: Dhruv Shankar, Yongjae Lee, Noah Catan, Andrew Emmerson, Akhil A S, Abhishek Jain, Bhushan Thakur, Bikash Kalita, Chatta Ravikumar, Chetan Shelar, Avinash Sapale, Deepak Kumar, Jaydeep Rajendra Jadhav, Rahul Jagtap, Ramchandran Kannappan, Shrikant Jadhav, Vignesh Rajendran

3D Artists: Dave Barosin, James Chan, Arman Matin, Navdeep Singh, Matt Roach, Sandeep Kumar Yadav

Finish Artist: Ben Vaccaro

Matte Painting: Charles Lee, Henrik Holmberg, Vinod Shantaram More

Designers: Brian O’Donnell

Colorist: Oisin O’Driscoll

Color Producer: Alexanda Adams

Colour Assist: Joni Brandenburg

Editorial: Arcade Edit

Editor: Samuel Barden

Producer: Ellen Lavery

Tags: droga5 hot spots o positive paramount the mill

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