Studio City, Calif.-based The Shop partnered with ESPN to tease the sports network’s upcoming docu-series The Captain, which focuses on New York Yankees great – Derek Jeter.

As Jeter led the Yankees to five World Series victories – forging a Hall of Fame-worthy career – he became known as a man of inscrutable style, class and charisma who fans nicknamed “The Captain.”

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Jeter had wanted to play shortstop for the New York Yankees since he was a little boy, but he was not prepared for everything that came with that success, he says in the trailer.

“Everything that came with it was not part of the dream. I don’t have to be your best friend. I did it the best way I knew how,” Jeter says.

According to ESPN, The Captain not only tells Jeter’s story but also serves “as a vessel to tell a larger cultural story that explores race, family, and community. The heartbeat of the series is candid and unprecedented access to the man who helped restore a shine to a team, a city, and a culture.”

The Captain premieres July 18 on ESPN and ESPN Plus.

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