​Fanhattan‘s new Fan TV seeks to simplify the living room by combining the TV, cable box, DVR and streaming system. It also minimizes the whole system by using a small box with an even smaller remote that includes streaming, searching and easy navigation across recommendations.

The system also goes beyond the living room, available via phone and tablets as well, allowing the user to update their WatchList and save programming to watch later. It also integrates Fanhattan‘s newly tagged “Fan,” its video discovery service. All in all, it’s a set-top box that incorporates more with minimizing the user’s inpu so it’s even easier to use.

Fanhattan CEO Gilles BianRosa introduced the new set-top box at D11 today, All Things Digital’s media and innovation conference.

Read more at All Things Digital and visit Fanhattan’s site here for an inside look at Fan TV.


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