​“Falling Skies” returns for its fourth season this June, with a trailer full of action-packed scenes as well as a surprise introduction for Noah Wyle’s character.

A new teaser for the series debuted at WonderCon this weekend, featuring some resilient survivors as well as others who are ready to give up: “This is no way to live,” says one. But in the end, they apparently band together. “They cannot erase us!”

That is, until the shakeup at the end, when a mysterious character in a red cape greets Tom Mason (Wyle) as her father.


Creative Director: John Jamilkowski

Writer / Producer: Andrea Hochman

Sound Designer / Composer: Kurtis Kwasny

Editor: Sean Polinski

Smoke Artist: Travis Fast

Live Music Producer: Immediate Music

Room Producer: Justin Hintz

Edit Assist: Brittany Fayard

Edit Assist: Danny Clark

[Image courtesy of TNT]


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