Imagine your surprise if you were just walking down the street only to encounter a real-life Wall-E crossing with you. Or if you were just eating your lunch when a team of cleaners garbed in yellow swooped in to contain a contaminating sock.

These are some of the scenarios captured in Disney+‘s new short-form series, Pixar IRL, in which characters from the brand’s beloved movies spring to life and surprise regular people just going about their business in the real world. Besides Wall-E, these include The Incredibles’ super speedy son, Dash; the guardian octopus in a baby carriage from Finding Dory; and Russell the boy scout from Up.

Pixar IRL is just one of the pieces of original Pixar content that will launch on Nov. 12. Joining that series will be SparkShorts, a short film collection from Pixar Animation Studios; and Forky Asks a Question, starring Forky from Toy Story 4 asking all sorts of very difficult questions such as “what is love” and “what is time.”

All of Pixar’s movie library also will be available on Disney+, including such classics as Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., Inside Out and much more.

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