Set to a Danny Elfman-penned score inspired by the familiar finger-snapping theme of The Addams Family, Netflix’s main titles for hit series Wednesday were produced by Los Angeles-based production studio Filmograph.

“Filmograph worked closely with MGM Television, Netflix, and director Tim Burton on his first foray into television,” wrote Filmograph on its website regarding the project. “A dream come true for our entire team, we crafted a haunting, hypnotic, deep dive into the mind of Wednesday Addams over an iconic score from composer Danny Elfman. Replete with the family’s trademark gothic symbolism, each frame of the sequence is detailed with imagery of the academic, creepy and occult, as we plunge into the main character’s mix of the morbid and the curious, an evolving, coming-of-age dreamscape that more closely resembles a nightmare.”

Wednesday, starring Jenna Ortega in the title role, this week snapped Netflix’s record for most-hours streamed, outperforming previous title holder Stranger Things 4 with 341 million.



Client: MGM Television, Netflix

Director: Tim Burton

Production: Filmograph

Creative Director: Aaron Becker

Executive Producer: Seth Kleinberg

Producer: Troy Miller

Designer: Joseph Ahn

Animator: James Ramirez, Lee Nelson, Hsien Lun Su

Modeler/Animator: Eric Keller

Special Thanks: Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, Andrew Mittman, Steve Stark, Natalie Testa, Nick Iannelli, Tommy Harper, Luca Rojas, Katherine Hul

Music: Danny Elfman

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