A brand spot must achieve a lot in very little time – its job is to convey a brand’s essence while holding viewers’ attention and promoting the service’s wares.

For some, the brand is mostly about community, while for others, it’s about humor or drama or sports.

The six 2023 Promax Global Excellence Awards finalists in the category of Brand Image Promo, below, all present their unique brands in different ways, but each of them accomplishes their goal.

ABC Brand Campaign, Yours for 90 Years, ABC Made, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

This spot starts up close and intimate, holding tight on a man’s face. But the camera soon pans out and the scene keeps expanding, until finally it seems like all of Australia is singing, dancing and playing together.

The Sound of TV 2 Play, TV 2 Denmark

A young deejay starts with one image on one screen and quickly threads multiple sounds and images together to create a new song for TV 2 Denmark’s streaming service, TV 2 Play.

2023 Sports Image Spot, Astro

Malaysian channel Astro follows the bouncing ball throughout a range of sports to convey the breadth of its offerings. Take note of some tricky editing throughout but especially in the motorcycle sequence.

MBC2 Anniversary, MBC Group

Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) channel MBC2 celebrates its anniversary with this spot that features precision editing timed perfectly to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.

Mr. Garvey’s Mountain Survival Skills, Paramount Plus

Holding class on top of freezing Paramount Mountain, substitute teacher Mr. Garvey (Keegan-Michael Key) has a hard time getting the names of his new students straight in this delightful brand spot for Paramount Plus.

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FXM - The Place, DutchToast/FX Networks

This master class in editing captivates viewers while also convincing them that there’s no place they’d rather be.

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