Made mostly in secret to keep then President Donald Trump at bay, National Geographic’s new documentary film Fauci portrays Dr. Anthony Fauci as he fights to get the U.S. through the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

The film is directed by Emmy winners John Hoffman (The Weight of the Nation) and Janet Tobias (No Place On Earth), and executive produced by Oscar-winner Dan Cogan (Icarus) and Oscar-nominee Liz Garbus (What Happened, Miss Simone?, The Farm: Angola U.S.A.).

Fauci first came to fame as one of the medical professionals on the frontlines of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the eighties.

Fauci premieres in select theaters on Sept. 10 and on Disney Plus in October.

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Poster for Nat Geo documentary 'Fauci.'
Poster for Nat Geo documentary ‘Fauci.’

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