First Look Media created the Press Freedom Defense Fund to provide vital legal and financial resources to reporters, news organizations and sources facing legal threats from governments or corporations seeking to intimidate, persecute and prosecute them, whether in the U.S. or abroad.

To illustrate that mission, First Look Media recruited Viewpoint Creative. The Boston-based agency combined evocative still imagery, animated illustration and narration to create a spot intended to inform and educate audiences.

Stories that the spot touches on include last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests, the home invasion of San Francisco freelance journalist Bryan Carmody by police who sought to discover the name of a confidential source, and the Philippine government’s ongoing battle to silence investigative journalist Maria Ressa.


Client: First Look Media

SVP, Marketing: Jen Robertson

Agency: Viewpoint Creative

Executive Creative Director/Writer: Mike Middeleer

Director of Creative Production/Editor: Dave DiNisco

Designer/Animator: Kriti Kaur

Animator: Jon Dupree

Producer: Penny Benatovich

Mix: Todd Hrinda

Executive Producer: David Shilale

Tags: first look media hot spots press freedom defense fund viewpoint creative

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