For the ultra-wealthy Hos of Houston, there’s no sin in excess but there are other sins—like getting divorced and failing to live up to expectations.

Binh and Hue Ho immigrated to the US from Vietnam and made a fortune in finance. Now, they expect their adult children—Washington, Reagan and Judy—to follow in their footsteps, but they are all finding that’s not so easy.

Washington is in an arranged marriage with beautiful Lesley. While he says he’s “learned to love her” over the years, sometimes that’s not clear. Judy, who started life as a disappointment just because she was a girl, further disappointed her rigid parents when she got divorced. Now she’s still trying to please them but also partying with her kooky aunt Tina and party girl cousin Sammy.

House of Ho is executive produced by Katy Wallin, Stephanie Bloch Chambers, and Nick Lee with co-executive producers Amanda Ly and Rosalina Lydster. The non-fiction series is produced by Wallin Chambers Entertainment in association with Lionsgate Television.

House of Ho premieres Thursday, Dec. 10 on HBO Max.

Key art for HBO Max's 'House of Ho'
Key art for HBO Max’s ‘House of Ho’

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