Four childhood friends and tech entrepreneurs become multi-millionaires overnight in AMC’s first look at Loaded.

The eight-episode series stars Jim Howick (The Aliens, Yonderland, Horrible Histories) as Josh, Samuel Anderson (The History Boys, Doctor Who, Trollied) as Leon, Jonny Sweet (Babylon, Together, Him & Her) as Ewan, and Nick Helm (Uncle, Funny Valentines) as Watto. The four 30-somethings have just sold their startup video game company Idyl Hans to Casey (Mary McCormack, The West Wing, In Plain Sight, The Newsroom), and now they must answer to her as their high powered, no-bullshit boss.

They are “suddenly transformed from ‘people who play games’ to ‘serious players in the game,’” AMC says.

Loaded is about friendship, gluttony, ambition, and how money can put even life-long relationships to the test.”

The series premieres Monday, July 17 at 10 p.m.


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