​Without any new baseball footage to weave into a spot, Fox cleverly used video of homes around the country interspersed with archival footage of players to welcome baseball back to its air.

Last week, Major League Baseball announced teams would play a shortened 60-game season, down from the typical 162, in 2020. Players will report for training, which will largely take place in the team’s home cities, on July 1. Training had begun earlier in Florida and Arizona but was shut down after coronavirus began spiking in both of those states.

MLB knows that players, coaches and other participants will contract coronavirus, but is taking measures to mitigate that, such as requiring all players, coaches and support staff to be tested every other day during training, regular season and post-season play. Anyone testing positive will be quarantined with two negative tests required in order to come back. They also will receive symptom and temperature checks twice a day and antibody tests once per month.

Games are expected to start July 23 or 24, with the New York Yankees taking on the 2019 World Champion Washington Nationals at Nationals Park. Games will be played in baseball stadiums but with no fans and will largely be played within divisions and regions to minimize travel.

The post-season will begin at the end of September, with the World Series expected to be completed by the end of October.

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