Denver- and New York-based Friends of Mine created the gilded awards show package that PromaxBDA debuted on Thursday, June 14, at its annual North America and Global Excellence Awards ceremony.

The graphics package and open will be used throughout PromaxBDA’s entire 2018-19 awards season, including Station Summit in Las Vegas June 26-29, the Latin America awards and symposium this fall, PromaxBDA Europe in March and PromaxGAMES in April.

“Friends of Mine were the perfect partners for this year’s event,” said Steve Kazanjian, president and CEO of PromaxBDA, in a statement. “One of the things we wanted to ensure with this year’s awards show was to make it feel like a prime-time, top-tier awards show – one that would elicit a visceral and emotional response. What we got from FOM was beyond our wildest expectations.

“Not only does their graphics package reflect the cultural zeitgeist of the moment—which was unexpected—but it’s crafted, polished and incredibly modern. They were able to capture the luxurious quality you’d want for a prestigious awards show, while at the same time tapping into a modern, contemporary look.”

“When PromaxBDA first approached us to be their awards show partner, we were honored and a bit nervous,” said Friends of Mine Co-Founder and Creative Director Adam Espinoza. “It’s a huge opportunity—all of our peers, clients, and potential clients are going to experience this at the same time. We knew we had to bring our best work and show what we have to offer.

“For me, the process is just as important as the final product. During the process of creating this package, I felt alive and energized. And personifying the creative process for no less an organization than PromaxBDA energized our entire crew even more.”

The package, above, is rooted in the concept of “The Legend of the Idol,” representing the physical manifestation and evolution of the creative process. The final execution drew upon influences in antiquity across the genres of typography, texture, lighting and color.

The entire project spanned months, and included five days of live-action shoots involving art direction, light installations, and make-up. Additionally, the post-production process involved extensive compositing, color and editing.


Director: Adam Espinoza

Creative Directors: Jeremy Lindenmier, Adam Espinoza, Burke Miles

Editor: Adam Espinoza

Grade: Robert Fraser

Compositing: Gareth Nobrega, Joey Gasiorek

Animator: Gareth Nobrega, Jason Schwarz, Joey Gasiorek

Talent: Janelle Tejan, Fernanda Oliveira

Directors of Photography:

Adam Bove – Scene 1- Inspiration

Dennis Flippin – Scene 2 – Focus

John Roderick – Scene 3 – Obsession

Sam Joos – Scene 4 – Clarity

Kevin Emmons – Scene 5 - Reality

AC’s: Brandon Carter, Chris Nightingale, Doug O’Kane

Gaffers: Jon Wignall, Spencer Blessman, John Murphy

Grips: Katie Smith, John Murphy, Brian Johnson

DIT: Robert Fraser

SFX Supervisor: Jim Milligan

Still Photographer: Kate Rolston, Sam Perea, Sierra Voss

Music: “Goatman” “Goathead,” Music and Lyrics by Goat, C+P Rocket Recordings, Published by Kobalt

Thanks to Rocket and Goat for allowing us to use Goatman and Goathead

Sound Design: Dynamite Laser Beam

Make Up: Molly McCurdy, Jenece Amella, Renee Espinoza, Mia Madowski

Henna Artist: Anita Bohrer

Wardrobe: Molly McCurdy, Rachel Tai Davis

AD: Kevin Jackson, Denise Strong

Executive Producer: Janet Arlotta

Senior Producer: Stacey Piculell

Line Producer: Jed Mortenson

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