London-based FutureDeluxe took ESPN’s presentation of the NBA in a totally different direction from the typical fast-paced edit of players driving down the court accompanied by flashy graphics.

Instead, FutureDeluxe thought about what basketball might look like in the future. “The striking results are a chromatic breakaway from the traditional branding celebrating the modern vibrancy and glamor of the game,” FutureDeluxe writes on its website.

The brand look is shiny and hyper-modern – a “dynamic melting pot of iridescent basketballs and beautiful chromatic sculptures all inspired by the game”—and it can be adapted to each team by tweaking the brand palette and adding images of key players.

To showcase the work, FutureDeluxe created :60 and :70 brand films as well as a bespoke AFX toolkit to keep ESPN’s NBA look fresh and futuristic all season long.



Client: ESPN

Creative Director: Will Mercer

Associate Creative Director: Ben Black

Exec Producer: Svet Lapcheva

Head of Production: Caleigh Illerbrun

Senior Producer: Natalie Greenwood

Creative: Dave Webster, Will Denning

Art Direction: Kristian Glenn, Joey Phinn

Senior Designer: Chris Harrison

Junior Designer: Sachi Patil

Houdini/Vfx Artist: Ewan Davidson

3D Artists: Stevie Rees, Federico Piccirillo, Alejandro Olmedo, Matteo del Nero, Michael Marczewski, Andréa Philippon

3D Animation: Matteo Forghieri, Carol Erique

2D Animation: Guilaume Estrade

Toolkit Developer, Compositing: Hernan Lindenbaum


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