Legends of hip hop, including Snoop Dogg, discuss hip hop’s true origins and how the format bubbled up from the streets to become music’s most dominant genre in FX’s six-part docuseries Hip Hop Undercover.

Rashidi Natara Harper directs the series that examines the power brokers who operated behind the scenes to help build hip hop into what it is today, with many of them having to overcome their own difficult pasts to move forward into more promising futures. The documentary talks to Eugene “Big U” Henley, who also executive produces, as well as Debra “Deb” Antney and her brother James “Bimmy” Antney, Christian “Trick Trick” Mattis and “Haitian Jack” Agnant.

Hip Hop Uncovered is executive produced by Malcolm Spellman, Harper, Henley, Jimmy “JimBob” Chris, Douglas Banker and BJ Levin. Jonathan and Simon Chinn executive produce for non-fiction production company Lightbox Entertainment. Stephen Neely co-executive produces.

Hip Hop Uncovered premieres on FX on Friday, Feb. 12, with two episodes airing each week. Episodes will stream the next day on FX on Hulu.

Key art for FX docuseries 'Hip-Hop Uncovered'
Key art for FX docuseries ‘Hip-Hop Uncovered’


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