FX looks at all parts of the motorcycle in advance of Kurt Sutter’s Sons of Anarchy spin-off, Mayans MC, coming this fall.

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Client: FX Networks

President, Marketing & Promotions, Multi-Platform Marketing: Stephanie Gibbons

EVP, Content & Editorial, Multi-platform Marketing: John Varvi

SVP, Motion & Digital Design/Creative Director: Steve Viola

VP, Motion Design: Albert Romero

VP, Production, Motion Design: Dara Barton

Art Director, Motion Design: Andre Carbonari

Production: FX Design

Director: Steve Viola

Executive Producer: Dara Barton

Producer: Rick Hassen

Creative Production: Albert Romero, Andre Carbonari

Visual Effects Supervisor: Kelly Chang

CG Supervisor/Lead Designer/Look Dev: Jean Chiu

Senior Technical Director: Michael Viscione

Modeling/Rigging/Animation: Jamie Sawyer

Additional Modeling: Kelly Chang, Michael Viscione, Sa Kim

Lighting: Jean Chiu, Sa Kim, Michael Viscione

FX Artists: Jean Chiu, Michael Viscione

Layout/Illustration: Brien White

Pre-Visualization: Jerome Cheng

Pipeline Tools: Michael Viscione, Antoine Durr

Compositing: Kelly Chang, Jean Chiu, Sa Kim, Michael Viscione

Digital Cinematography & Color: Steve Viola

Editorial: Dan Masciarelli

Typography: Jane Ro

Motion Design: Nahara Pacheco

Sound Design & Mix: Echolab

Music: Los Nuggetz (Spanish cover of “Paint it Black”)

Tags: fx hot spots mayans mc

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