With an assist from Hollywood-based creative agency, Buddha Jones, FX took its “Fearless” brand and amped it up a few notches in its launch campaign for FX on Hulu, which debuted Monday, March 2.

The Future

​Fearless Action

Fearless Comedy

This Is FX on Hulu

Everything on FX on Hulu


Client: FX Networks

President, Strategy, Creative and Digital Multi-Platform Marketing: Stephanie Gibbons

EVP, Content & Editorial: Ethan Adelman

SVP Content and Editorial: Paul Rollens

SVP, Design & Visual Effects: Steve Viola

VP, Motion Design: Amie Nguyen

VP, Production, Design & Visual Effects: Dara Barton

Creative Director, Motion Design: Andre Carbonari

Sr. Designer, Motion Design: Nahara Pacheco

Sr. Designer, Motion Design: Ryan Hunnewell

Sr. Designer, Motion Design: Alex Yoon

Director Content and Editorial: David Burnes

Agency: Buddha Jones

Creative Team: Joshua Rogers, Andrew Goulet, Mikki Bennett, Eric Powell, Robert Walker, Kelly Nguyen, Beth Roy, Keith Pang, Kate Lynn Abigail, Bill Rude, Liz Singleton, John Fagan, Jamie Zakoski

Tags: buddha jones fx on hulu hot spots

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