​Four indigenous teenagers in rural Oklahoma lie, cheat and steal in an attempt to make their way to the magical land of California in FX’s Reservation Dogs.

Bear Smallhill (D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai) is pretty sure he was born to be a warrior and a leader even though he’s not good at fighting and no one really considers him the leader of anything. Elora Danan (Devery Jacobs) is focused on getting to California as a way to honor their fallen friend Daniel. Willie Jack (Paulina Alexis) keeps the group together with her empathy and street smarts and Cheese (Lane Factor) is the faithful follower.

The series was filmed on location in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, with every writer, director and series regular on the show indigenous.

Teaser: Graffti

Teaser: Petty Theft

Reservation Dogs is executive produced by Sterlin Harjo (11/8/16, Barking Water, Four Sheets to the Wind), Taika Waititi (What We Do in the Shadows, Jojo Rabbit, Thor: Ragnarok) and Garrett Basch (What We Do in the Shadows, The Night Of) and produced by FX Productions.

Reservation Dogs premieres August 9 on FX on Hulu.

Key art for FX's 'Reservation Dogs,' from Taika Waititi.
Key art for FX’s ‘Reservation Dogs,’ from Taika Waititi and Sterlin Harjo.

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