After grabbing the rights to Family Guy in 2021, FXX thought a good way to promote its new acquisition while entertaining its audience was with the “Avoid Your Family Family Guy Holiday Marathon” to run December 25 through January 1.

But how to sell it in a way that held true to FXX’s irreverent brand? Working with Los Angeles-based creative agency and frequent collaborator Mocean, Disney-owned FX Networks came up with this clever campaign for “the ultimate couch,” which rocks your baby, placates your chatty neighbor, provides your children with a fake blow-up mother, massages your legs to maybe prevent blood clots and squirts nacho cheese straight into your mouth.

It’s all in service of watching 368 straight episodes of Family Guy, including the complete antics of Peter, Brian, Stewie and the rest of the Griffin family.


Client: FXX

Creative Director/President Strategy, Creative, and Digital Multiplatform Marketing, FX Networks: Stephanie Gibbons

Executive Vice President, Content and Editorial, Multiplatform Marketing, FX Networks: Ethan Adelman

Vice President, Content and Editorial, Multiplatform Marketing, FX Networks: Tom Cropper

Writer/Producer Content and Editorial, Multiplatform Marketing, FX Networks: Edem Dela-Seshie

Associate Producer Content and Editorial, Multiplatform Marketing, FX Networks: Diara Bradley

Agency: Mocean

Chief Creative Officer/Director: Greg Harrison

Concept by: James Cobo

Head Writer: Jon Monson-Foon

Additional Writing: Olivia York


Executive Producer: Valerie Lopez

Producer: James Heth

Director of Photography: Thaddeus Wadliegh

Production Designer: Alex Fymat

Casting Director: Heather Pittman

Creative Coordinator: Amanda Cueva


Producer: Alexis Brodey

Editors: Michael Zayas, Ben Keedy, Samuel Chatterton, Phoebe Hendrix

Creative Coordinators: Erica Anastasi, Shelby Martin

Post-Production Supervisors: Brandon Halverson, Scott Angel

Conform Artist & Colorist: Mateusz Milosinski

Audio Mixer: Brian Magill

Branding & Design:

Executive Creative Director: Elaine Cantwell

Vice President: Jennifer Holstein

Senior Producer: Nora Jurasits

Design/Animation: Angie Yu

VFX Compositors: Art Perez, Dave Eagle

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