Gearbox Software used their Pax East 2019 panel to confirm Borderlands 3, the newest installment of the popular RPG/shooter series.

The company made the announcement with a lengthy reveal trailer that shows new and returning Vault Hunters in action. We see familiar characters from older Borderlands games, such as Lillith, Mordecai, Brick and Tiny Tina (who’s noticeably older than before).

The trailer also presents some new faces, including a new enemy faction, the latest quartet of hunters, and the monstrous enemies that will join the game. We also see a number of never-before-seen locations, revealing that the story will expand beyond the familiar world of Pandora.

There’s no word yet on the release date, price or compatible platforms, but the studio promises more information via their website on April 3. The series is created in collaboration with publisher 2K Games.

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