After Bertelsmann-owned RTL Group decided to rebrand in September 2021, the regional channels needed to follow suit. So RTL Luxembourg reached out to Paris-based agency Gédéon to collaborate on a new look for the service based on the style already set out by its parent company.

Gédéon, which was named Promax Europe Agency of the Year in 2020, set the new design’s foundation on a grid with a straightforward but striking palette of black, white, red and blue.

“We played with [the grid system] to expand the visual grammar, allowing for surprising cutouts of images and typography,” Gédéon wrote on its website. “Images from Luxembourg and the famous faces of the channel were split, repeated or mixed to create moving mosaics.”

The system relies on images generated by the channel itself and enhances them by placing them within moving grids and surrounding them with clean motion graphics highlighted by words in a sans serif font.

Gédéon took this idea one step further when it came to branding RTL Luxembourg’s news programming. Each day, a new news opener is produced drawing from key three images from the news of the day, delivering a “short, responsive and live alert to the viewer and a technical challenge that RTL has achieved,” Gédéon wrote.

Gédéon also worked with Paris-based music production studio X-Track to provide original music for idents, ad breaks, newscasts and promos, and remixed and modernized RTL’s former audio jingle, while retaining the familiar sound that audiences know so well.


Producers: Emmanuelle Lacaze & Eglantine Guitard

Motion Designers: Baptiste Chomiol, Laurent Carcelle, Loïc Losco, Marine Bourdon

Art Directors: Nicolas Famery, Lazare Bessière

Music Production: X-Track

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