Golden LA has signed director Paul Minor, the multi-disciplinary studio said last week.

“I’m so thrilled to be working with Paul again. I’ve watched his approach to filmmaking evolve over the last few years, driven by his ability to combine storytelling with authentic performances and a unique visual perspective,” said Golden Managing Director Matthew Marquis in a statement. Marquis previously worked with Minor at Logan and Sons just prior to founding Golden LA.

Prior to joining Golden, Minor directed spots for such brands as Acura, Lincoln, Corona, Nike, Google and BMW. Recently, he directed an ad for TD Bank entitled “A Tall Tale.”

“Constraints within the short form change constantly, yet endless possibilities exist,” said Minor. “It’s always a good creative challenge to successfully tell a story by tapping into the emotional landscape of the characters and shaping a world around them in such a short time frame. One day, you’re shooting an intimate story in a moving car, and another, you’re setting up a sweeping wide shot in the Star Wars universe, that’s one of my favorite parts of the job.”

In addition to short form, Minor also plans to assist Golden as it turns toward long form. “Both Matt and I are enticed by the countless creative possibilities television and feature film projects have to offer. I look forward to helping contribute to Matthew’s vision in that new space,” said Minor, who is currently attached to direct a feature film based on the novel, “I Am The River,” which he adapted with the book’s author, T.E. Grau.

Raised in Texas, Minor began filmmaking in his teens while also playing in hardcore punk bands. Later in his career, he helped craft music videos for bands as Editors, Muse, and Queens of the Stone Age. Besides directing, Minor also works as an editor, composer and sound designer. He has contributed some of his own musical compositions to his work, like the score he contributed to a spot for Lenovo called “The Getaway.”

Minor’s first project as part of Golden LA’s roster – a campaign for Dell Computer – is slated to air this month.

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