At the Garden of Earthly Delights, beer and wine will flow from a 20-foot tree, manicurists and hairstylists will set up shop in heavenly and hellish cabanas, and a “hellhound puppy pen” will be packed with adoptable (and, we assume, adorable) dogs. In addition, a pop-up of A.Z. Fell & Co. bookstore will introduce those attending South by Southwest (SXSW) to Amazon Prime Video’s new series Good Omens.

The experiential activation by CSM LeadDog will offer a peek at the show starring frenemies Michael Sheen as fussy angel Aziraphale and David Tennant as loose-living demon Crowley, who’ve become overly fond of their lives on Earth and form an unlikely alliance to stop the world from ending.

The six-episode limited series is based on the novel by the late Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman (American Gods), who serves as creator and executive producer.

Leading up to the apocalypse on May 31—which is when Good Omens premieres on Amazon Prime Video—the free installation from March 8 - 11 is designed as a hidden oasis meant to celebrate the worldly pleasures that Earth has to offer.

To find it, head to 604 Driskill Street in Austin, Texas, during the festival, look for “a wall of lush foliage,” enter through a massive winged hourglass and prepare to be greeted by angels and demons.

“With the end of the world imminent, we figured what better place than SXSW to celebrate a few of the good things our world has to offer?” Mike Benson, head of marketing at Amazon Studios, said in a statement. “We’ve created an immersive experience that Good Omens book fans will love, but also anyone who might like to celebrate armageddon.”

Additional activities will include appearances and conversations with Gaiman, director and executive producer Douglas Mackinnon, and stars Sheen, Tennant and Jon Hamm.

Amazon is also taking its marketing city-wide, filling the streets with bickering angels, chattering nuns, demons, Witch Finders warning attendees about the beginning of the end, and a motorcycle ride featuring the Four Apocalyptic Horsemen and their masses of loyal followers.

Throughout the weekend, doomsdayers will be captivated magicians, sword swallowers, fire breathers, tarot-card readers, dueling pianists playing pre-Apocalyptic tunes, a string trio strumming classical harmonies and modern-day covers, an interactive, life-size chess tournament with Twitch and a special show from a Queen tribute band.

“You never know what type of apocalyptic creatures may be inhabiting Austin during the SXSW festival, so we are happy to provide an escape for all to enjoy the end-of-times with us,” said Benson.

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