Google turns its vast stock of analytics into a video for its annual “Year in Search” video, and in 2019, the through-line was heroes.

From fictional heroes like the Avengers or Arya Stark, to real-life heroes like Serena Williams or Simone Biles, people making an extra effort were everywhere if you just knew where to look.

Along with the video, Google also provides information on the year’s top trends in the United States, the world, and the country of your choice.

In the U.S., the most-searched TV shows were:

1) HBO’s Game of Thrones

2) Netflix’s Stranger Things

3) Netflix’s When They See Us

4) HBO’s Chernobyl

5) Disney+‘s The Mandalorian

Globally, the top-searched shows were fairly similar:

1) Game of Thrones

2) Stranger Things

3) Chernobyl

4) When They See Us

5) Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy

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