Gordon Ramsay goes live in The F Word, a cooking competition meets variety show from Fox.

In his latest series, based on the U.K. show of the same name, the celebrity chef chats with surprise guests, speaks remotely with fans, foodies and culinary experts from across the country, and of course gives his opinion as foodie families from across the U.S. battle it out in intense cook-offs.

A promo by creative services studio BRKLY highlights Ramsay’s personality as he jokes around to demonstrate how Ramsay’s new series stands out from his other shows. A spot for the show is also playing on a billboard in Times Square.

The F Word premieres May 31.


Creative Director - Neil Berkeley

Producer - David Heiman

Director of Photography - Richard Card

Art Director - Conner O’Brien

Food Stylist - Joshua Stricklin

Ian MacRitchie - VP, Broadcast Design

Jesse Hallas - Design Director


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