Television is changing at the speed of light; specifically, how and where we watch. But one thing remains constant—networks, television stations and streamers still all need voiceover Whether it’s promos, news segments, branded content or commercials, content requires clear, crisp narration to best communicate with viewers.

Serving the industry for more than twenty years, Atlas Talent Agency represents many of the industry’s most experienced and up-and-coming voiceover artists when it comes to promos, movie trailers, narration, animation, commercials and show announcing. The agency’s offices also service radio imaging, podcasts and other areas of the industry

“Using the right voiceover artist can help define a brand or program,” said Jonn Wasser, one of the agency’s founding partners. Wasser, Co-Founder/Partner Lisa Marber-Rich and the agency’s experienced staff work closely with colleagues across the nation and world. “Our metier is to understand everyone’s needs so we can partner and work together, both in the short and long term,” said Wasser.

An important part of what the agency does is anticipating industry trends.

“We find out what’s happening and pay attention to trends so we can anticipate needs rather than react to them,” said Wasser. “We then can match voiceover artists to networks, stations and the like.”

“Hearing a particular voice can grab someone’s attention even if they’re not in the room watching,” Wasser continued. “Grabbing and holding your audience in the age of Attention Deficit Syndrome is the name of the game. Keeping your brand connected to viewers with the right voiceover artist is a major part of that effort.”

As the entertainment marketing industry continues to shift, so has the need for voiceover artists.

“Many have realized that graphics and music alone won’t sell their content. While both of those things are important, I’ve definitely noticed a systematic growth in voiceover bookings,” said Wasser.

And while streaming services tend to not air promos in between episodes, more are producing featurettes and promos that run on linear platforms and social media that include voiceover.

Beyond streaming, Wasser said he’s also noticing growth in animation and narration. The former has been a popular medium during the pandemic: “Necessity has been the mother of invention,” he said.

Wasser also finds there has been an upsurge in hiring diverse and female talent which, he said, is long overdue. Viewers are looking to see and hear themselves represented by the brands with which they interact.

“Perception is changing,” said Wasser. “Whether it’s major networks that have hired female artists or large market television stations that have sought out diverse talent, barriers are being knocked down.“

To find the voiceover talent that suits your needs, head over to Atlas’ website where you can hear samples and demos. You can also reach Jonn Wasser at

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