Greek national broadcaster ERT shot frozen scenes with a roving camera for the above campaign, with each scene representing scripted series, news and reality programs.

Eugenio Recuenco art directed the shots, styling each room and then having the channel’s stars and presenters pose as if for still photos. The team relied on a camera set on a fully programmable Bolt robot arm that moved quickly to capture the shots. That technique allowed the crew to use one room that they transformed over and over again. The intermediate space that looks like a wall between rooms was created in post-production.

It’s all set to a remix of a famous Greek song from the ‘70s that the channel changed up to grab viewers’ attention.

Bringing it all together is the channel’s new tagline: “ERT. That’s Incredible!,” which draws on research that found that Greek viewers no longer expected anything new from the public broadcaster but are now being surprised by what they are finding there.


Client: ERT

Chief Officer Marketing & Commercial: Konstantina Koutrouli

Marketing Consultant: Vana Theofanidou

Agency: Trabaho

Director, Creative Director: Annita Grigoriadi

Creative Director: Vagelis Tasopoulos

Production House: FOSS Productions

Executive Producer: Stylianos Cotionis

Producer: Dimitris Skiadopoulos

Director: Yorgos Kanellopoulos

Dop: Dimitris Kyriakou

Production: Vassilis Tzanekas

Set Designer: Daphne Koutra

Remix: Yannis Diskos

Tags: ert foss productions hot spots trabaho

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