In 2003, I was two years into working as an editor on TV spots and trailers for theatrical movies. That September, I transitioned into editing television promos. I joined a new team of highly talented individuals. I remember marveling at the funny and creative spots the team was finishing.

One day, everyone began collecting their favorite spots from the year. At the time, I had no idea what was happening, but everyone had a great sense of enthusiasm for their work. I was intrigued. This anticipation and pride felt by the marketing department was for the work they’d selected to submit for PromaxBDA: an award that honors the best promotion, design, and marketing for television.

I learned that PromaxBDA is not just an award; it’s an organization that represents the television marketing industry, holding annual conferences and industry events. I remember how anxiously everyone waited to see if they had won. I remember seeing the awards come into the office, and I watched as they were handed to the teams that worked on the award-winning creative.

It was then that I made winning a PromaxBDA award one of my top career goals. I wanted to do the work that was considered industry-leading creative. I wanted to be judged by my peers and recognized by the ultimate award in our industry.

In 2006, I finally won my first PromaxBDA Gold. It was for a Mucha Lucha / Son of the Mask, on-air sales promotion spot. I remember when the spots were entered, and how waiting for the awards to be announced felt like an eternity. I remember winning and receiving my first award, and feeling that immense sense of accomplishment. It was my first award, and it represented the industry and the work that we do every day. It represents who we are, what we strive to be, and our ambition to be the best.

My first win helped me think about every piece of creative in terms of how to approach the messaging and the presentation. Over the years, there have been more award-winning spots, and even more that didn’t win. That’s what makes the PromaxBDA Awards so special: It drives us to do the best work possible and to think differently about the way we market television.

I like that I go into every year with excitement and butterflies, feeling we’ve done the best work, as we wait for the announcement of the finalists. I like waking up early to see what has made the cut, and then sharing the information and my thoughts with my team, friends and clients.

I love seeing the young talent that comes into this business. They see the coveted awards sitting on my shelf, and they aspire, as I did, to be recognized. Going on to win a PromaxBDA Award means that they believe in their work, that someone else believes in their work, and that, ultimately, everyone in the industry sees something special in that work.

I’ve been lucky enough to win PromaxBDA awards at every step along my career journey. They chronicle my path. They are a beacon of excellence and a reminder of the hard work, creativity, and teamwork that made them possible. They are about connection, relationships, and generations.

There really isn’t anything else like it in our business.

Lon Moeller is co-owner and president of broadcast at Open Road Entertainment, and a member of the PromaxBDA awards committee.

The 2017 PromaxBDA North America and Global Excellence Awards competitions are open now. Submit your entries today.


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