“The power of an HBO story” was the tagline for HBO Latin America’s new, emotional brand campaign launched on the heels of its 20-year on-air anniversary in 2012.

With a concept focused on the how people interact with its narratives, the network debuted a series of spots that taps into the connection its viewers feel when talking about HBO’s programming.

“We wanted to show how people own our stories and live them, with such a passion, that then they become us … they become HBO,” the network said in its general branding/image campaign submission for the 2013 PromaxBDA Latin America Awards.

HBO Latin America’s use of multidimensional characters successfully transported audiences to new realities, scored a gold PromaxBDA award, and currently proves that great narratives never get old.

Have you created a more recent general branding campaign? Submit your work now for the 2018 PromaxBDA Latin America Awards.

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