Starting up five years after the season-one conclusion, HBO’s The Deuce returns for season two on Sunday, Sept. 9.

The series, created by George Pelecanos and David Simon, resumes at the height of the Golden Age of Porn where it’s all happening—on New York City’s seedy 42nd Street, aka The Deuce.

“This is the moment when it genuinely seemed for the first time that hardcore pornography was going to become mainstreamed into American culture and pysche,” said David Simon in a statement. “And in a very real sense that would happen to a profound degree, though not in the ways that our protagonists once imagined.”

Besides Pelecanos and Simon, Franco and Nina K. Noble executive produce along with co-executive producer Richard Price.

The season-two trailer was produced by New York-based Giaronomo and is set to Barry White’s “Let the Music Play.”

​[Images courtesy of HBO/Paul Schiraldi]


Vendor: Giaronomo

Vendor Creative Director: Jaehoon Oh

Editor: Orlando Rotundo

Creative Director: Sohini Sengupta

ACD: Badger Denehy

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