Syfy wrote its own soundtrack to the above spot, touting the NBCUniversal cable network’s Die Hard marathon over Memorial Day weekend.

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Starring Bruce Willis as wise-cracking, go-for-broke Detective John McClane, Die Hard first premiered in 1988 and became a blockbuster, grossing $140 million worldwide. The film also turned Willis, previously known for starring in ABC’s Moonlighting, into a global action movie star.

The franchise expanded into five films, including Die Hard 2 (1990), Die Hard With A Vengeance (1995), Live Free or Die Hard (2007) and A Good Day to Die Hard (2013). Besides Willis, the movies also starred Bonnie Bedelia as McClane’s wife, Holly, Alan Rickman as villain Hans Gruber, Samuel L. Jackson as Zeus Carver and many more through the years.


Network: Syfy

SVP, Entertainment Networks Cable Creative and Marketing: Jeffrey Blackman

VP, Creative Marketing: Veronica Cepero

Creative Director: Phil Latcholia

Writers: Phil Latcholia, Michael Bellino

Producer/Editor: Michael Bellino

Audio Mix: Dominick Barbara

Graphics Creative Director: Stan Rapoport

Designer: Keith Vincent

Project Manager: Grace Tourville

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