For this :45 brand spot for the History Channel, Roger LA designed and cel animated from scratch an entire universe of History’s favorite stars.

Much like the origin story of a Marvel superhero movie, the spot tells the tale of six of History’s tentpole reality franchises: Ice Road Truckers, Counting Cars, Swamp People, Forged in Fire, Mountain Men and American Pickers.


Agency: Roger LA

Executive Creative Director: Terry Lee

Creative Director: Dane Macbeth

Art Director: Jake Portman

Executive Producer: Josh Libitsky

Head of Production: Liz Catullo

Producer: Maggie Robinson, Fayna Sanchez

Designers: Morgan Schweitzer, Insoo Kim, Rob Modini, George Fuentes, Matt Everton, Kevin Jan

2D Animators: Jake Portman, Connie Chan, Stephanie Simpson, Lyuben Dimitriov, Matt Everton, Jamal Otolorin, Geoff Ciccarelli, Kevin Jan

Mixing: Wild Woods

Voice Over: Jason Marks Talent Agency

VO Talent: Jason Stephens, Greg Chun, Ralph Byers

VO Producer: Princy Thomas

Network: History Channel

Chief Marketing Officer: Amanda Hill

Executive Creative Director: Tim Nolan

Senior Creative Director: Matt Neary

Director of Production: Kate Leonard

Production Manager: Kate Rosante

Production Assistant: Alexandra Druck

Tags: history hot spots roger

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