History’s Mountain Men have got it right.

Instead of living in a boxed-in city, they spend their days in the wide-open outdoors, living in concert with nature.

Los Angeles-based creative agency Roger explores this concept it its latest promo for the long-running reality series, starting with a mountain landscape that’s actually the wallpaper on someone’s desktop and slowly backing out through the window, deconstructing the city, and finally returning to the land itself.

Mountain Men returns for season eight on Thursday, June 6 at 9/8 c.


Network: History Channel

Executive Creative Director: Tim Nolan

VP, Brand Creative: Matthew Neary

Creative Director/Writer: Brian Huffman

Director of Production: Kate Rosante

Agency: Roger

Executive Creative Director: Terence Lee

Director, Creative Director: Dane Macbeth

Executive Producer: Josh Libitsky

Head of Production: Liz Catullo

Animation Director, Pre-vis: James Rodgers

Technical Director: David Deacon

Lighting Director, Texture & Shading: James Sylvester

Storyboards: Sofia Cuevas

Tags: history hot spots mountain men roger

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