Four years ago, a pair of girls, Abby and Libby, were murdered below the Mono High Bridge in Delphi, Indiana. While plenty of attention has been paid to the case, it remains unsolved.

HLN first dug into the case in its podcast, Down the HIll: The Delphi Murders, and now the network has turned it into a two-part original series that premiered on Valentine’s Day.

To create the above spot, Silver Spring, Md.-based Trick & Mortar takes pre-existing footage of the actual bridge and local landscape and, using a little CGI sorcery, turns it into suspenseful storytelling.


Client: CNN and HLN

CNN Worldwide Creative Marketing

Chief Marketing Officer: Allison Gollust

Senior Vice President: Rick Lewchuk

Vice President & Group Creative Director: Whit Friese

Senior Writer/Producer: John Dance

Senior Director of Production: Matt Barnett

Senior Production Manager: Nichole Goralnik

Production Resource Manager: Denise Patierno

Post Production Manager: Greg Enfield

Marketing Manager: Katie Luckhurst

Associate Producer: Kristin Hollis


Vice Presdent, Planning & Programming: Stephanie Todd

Vice President, Business Development & Operations: Tim Mallon

Senior Director of Programming & Planning: Bryan Bell

Supervising Producer: Marc Balinsky

Agency: Trick & Mortar

Executive Producer: Jeff “Footy” Foot

Creative Director: Jeff Strong

Art Director: Garth Superville

Director of Production: AnChi Laster

Production Coordinator: Maddie Ehrenreich

Senior Editor: Ian Rummer

Sound Designer: Takoma Media, Richard Humphries

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