There are two sides to every story, but in a murder, one side dies with the victim.

That’s the premise for HLN’s new docuseries, The Killer Truth, which tells the story of a single murder through five people connected to the case.

These five perspectives—ranging from the victim’s family and friends to reporters, investigators, and even the killer—takes viewers through the twists and turns of the case to create a full picture of the crime and ultimately lead to justice, according to HLN.

The above spot, developed by Amy Palmer Group for CNN Creative Marketing, highlights its focus on providing five different perspectives that lead to one final conclusion about the crime.

The Killer Truth premieres Sunday, April 26 at 10 p.m. on HLN.


Client: CNN Creative Marketing

Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer: Allison Gollust

Sr. Vice President: Rick Lewchuk

Vice President & Group Creative Director: Whit Friese

Sr. Director, Production: Matt Barnett

Sr. Production Manager: Nichole Goralnik

Sr. Production Manager: Laura Scott

Creative Director: Edward Reid

Marketing Director: Stephen Krill

Marketing Director: Lisa Ghormley

Writer/Producer: Ike Anyachonkeya

Sr. Design Manager: Jenny Specker

Sr. Graphic Designer: Jobel Jose

Production Resource Manager: Denise Patierno

Associate Producer: Kristin Hollis

Agency: Amy Palmer Group

Design: Nathaniel Howe, ECD, Nathaniel Howe Studios

Campaign Creative Direction / Writing: Martin Von Ruden

Editorial and Finishing: Frederick Snyder

Audio Post: Matt Copeland, Soundbyte

Account Director / EP: Amy Palmer

Tags: cnn creative marketing hln the killer truth

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