These clay-like characters, designed by FunJob, serve to represent Nickelodeon in new idents packed with action and laughs. Client: Nickelodeon Production Company: Plenty Art Direction: Pablo Alfieri, Plenty Motion Direction: Mariano Farias, Plenty Creative Direction: Tury Sandoval, Fun Job Scripts & Character Design: Fun Job Character Restyling: Claudio Iriarte Character Restyling: Yesica Pogorzelsky, Plenty 2D Traditional Animation: Jules Guerin, Plenty 2D Traditional Animation: Claudio Iriarte 3D Modeling: Juan Martin Miyagi, Plenty 3D Modeling: Lautaro Gonzalez 3D Texturing & Lighting: Sebastian Curi, Plenty 3D Texturing & Lighting: Jules Guerin, Plenty 3D Texturing & Lighting: Daniel Bel Postproduction: Sebastian Curi, Plenty Postproduction: Matias Mastrogiano, Plenty Montage & Edition: Mariano Farias, Plenty Sound Design: Norman Bambi Production: Inés Palmas, Plenty


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