In this campaign for AMC’s UK channel, Horror, the viewer is put in the position of hunter, chasing down potential victims.

Instead of highlighting the blood and gore, the spot takes a page from Alfred Hitchcock’s playbook and instead focuses on the suspense.

Horror launched its Slasher season on April 7, airing See No Evil 2, Girlhouse, Prom Night and Sorority Row. Actress Jessie Jane Knowles stars in the spot, reflecting that all of the movies’ central character is an American high-schooler and usually a young woman.


Director/Creative: Dominic Jones

Creative Manager: Barry Durkin

Director of Photography: Ben Cornish

Production Manager: Giovanna Utichi

Lighting Director: Claudio Sardone

Sound Designer: Mark Duckett

1st AC: Jack Downes

2nd AC: Nick Merry

Colorist/Motion Graphics Designer: Steven Olver

GFX Designer: Annabel Landau

GFX Designer: Lisa Littlejohn

Hair and Make-Up Artist: Stine Wintlev


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