​Agency Mémoire Liquide and Director Christian Langlois come together to create this languid, light-filled open for the Canal+ drama, Versailles.

The series is a sumptuous retelling of the life of the Sun King, Louis XIV of France, and aired in 2015 on Canal+ in France. It’s currently airing on Super Channel in Canada, Cmore in Sweden and it’s coming soon to the UK’s BBC 2.

Below is a trailer:


Client: Canal +

Production Companies: Capa Drama, Zodiak and Incendo

Executive Producers: Simon Mirren, David Wolstencroft, Claude Chelli, Anne Thomopoulos, Jean Bureau and Ian Whitehead

Producer of the opening credits: Ian Whitehead

Post production producer: Gary Evans

Post-production coordinator: Josianne Bottari

Creative Director: Christian Langlois

Art Director and Motion design lead: Charles Bertrand

Director: Christian Langlois

Production: Mémoire Liquide

Executive Producer: Marie Josée Bourassa

Director of Photography: Étienne Proulx

VFX specialist and props: Étienne Proulx

Production Designer: Jean Bécotte

Post production: Fly Studio

Music: M83


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