HBO’s Vice, with the help of Little Tigers NYC and GMD Three, takes on the complex issues of our time.

The slashing, flashing campaign is set to the riffs of Elliphant’s “Revolusion,” with Little Tiger evolving the graphic look it initially developed for Vice to this new silver-on-black feel. GMD Three used a Red camera to shoot footage on an old TV monitor, creating a raw, organic look that’s full of noise and scan lines. Both the graphics and the old footage are interspersed with footage from Vice episodes on such topics as the Paris attacks, ISIS and women’s rights in Afghanistan.

“We’re surrounded by complex chaos and failed states,” says one reporter.

Vice‘s fourth season premieres Friday, Feb. 5, at 11 p.m. ET on HBO.



Little Tiger NYC, GMD Three



Producer: Jim Weiner

Creative Director: Daniel Zibulsky

VP, Program Marketing & On-Air Promotion: Becca Schader

SPV, Creative Marketing: James Spence


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