12 years ago, David Jeffers suffered a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the chest down. But through his recovery process, the mechanical engineer launched a new career based on one of his oldest passions: music and sound. And his old friend, Ricardo Roberts, executive producer at Los Angeles-based inclusive motion-graphics studio Bien, has been there to provide assistance and encouragement all along the way.

Together, Quadriphonic and Bien have produced an award-winning spot for the Paralympics (below) and created a unique brand campaign for Quadriphonic (above).

Now Bien is producing a short documentary about Jeffers’ life.

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In this episode of the Daily Brief Podcast, we talk to Jeffers and Bien Creative Director Hung Le about what it means to be an inclusive studio, how the relationship between Bien and Quadriphonic has evolved, how Jeffers operates as a quadriplegic sound designer, and what’s next for everyone.

Tune in below to listen:

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