To promote the syndicated weekend run of Twentieth Television’s animated sitcom, Bob’s Burgers, Twentieth returned to frequent collaborator 2C Creative to come up with a fresh concept.

2C Creative Director Cheryl King really took the assignment seriously, watching many hours of episodes before finding just the right message to promote the weekend run.

“Wait, we actually get paid for this?” 2C Creative Director Cheryl King said. “In all seriousness, working with Jasmine Walker at Twentieth was a great experience. Something she said that I loved was that they try to never use the same conceptual or visual device twice for any of their shows. This makes it both a challenge and an amazing exploratory experience into the possibilities of animated storytelling.”

King ended up being inspired by the great hall lined with animated portraits in Warner Bros.’ Harry Potter films. To wit, she and the 2C team created a moving fall of family portraits for the Belcher clan that blend in seamlessly with the original show animation. Each portrait brings viewers into a new family scene. This approach allows for greater customization of spots, with 2C able to switch scenes between portraits as needed for different cut downs.

“We all love Bob’s Burgers, and knew that 2C was the perfect choice to translate the show’s quirky, off-beat humor to a promo that the fans would love,” said Jasmine Walker, executive director, marketing and creative, Twentieth Television. “2C quickly understood our goals, and managed to effectively translate them into a spot that gives the broadcast syndication run a distinct graphic look, helping it stand apart from all other telecasts of the show.”

Twentieth has been working with 2C on campaigns for the show since it entered broadcast syndication in 2015.


Client: Twentieth Television

SVP, Marketing & Creative: Richard Dumont

Executive Director, Marketing & Creative: Jasmine Walker

On-Air Coordinator: Julia Tseng

Agency: 2C Creative

Chief Creative Officer: Chris Sloan

GM, Senior Director of Operations: Nikki Coloma

Creative Director: Cheryl King

Editor: Jesus Martinez

Graphic Designer: Dmitri Zavyazkin

Executive Producer, Graphics: Bob Cobb

Design Director: Luis Martinez

Audio Engineer: Cesar Haliwa

Technical Operations Manager: Ashley Hartford

Assistant Editor: Williams Naranjo

Assistant Editor: Kelly Lanman

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