News documentary series, Axios, drawn from the political website, is returning to HBO for a second season, with four episodes scheduled for this spring, another four for this fall and four specials expected to show up sometime in between.

Axios—the creation of Politico veterans Jim VandeHei, Mike Allen and Roy Schwartz—delivers the news in a fresh and modern way, focusing on “elegant efficiency” and “smart brevity.” Imaginary Forces’ graphics creations for the show based on the website took that philosophy and converted it into a visual language that is all Axios’ own.

According to Imaginary Forces, “[o]ne of the biggest challenges was figuring out how to pull off the amount of design and animation required for four episodes of a weekly news show, with very little lead time. The key word for this project was was definitely, translation—how to take something like, say, a static infographic, and use the medium of video/animation to tell the story it contained over time, for (hopefully) increased clarity.”


Executive Creative Director: Peter Frankfurt

Creative Director: Eric Chang

Art Director: Max Strizich

Executive Producer: Jon Hassell

Head of Production: Aleen Kim

Producer: Lisa Muñoz

Animator/Designers: Carolyn Figel, Nathan Goodell, Willie Russell, Rick Kuan, Henry Chang

Associate Producers: Meredith Engstrom, Christine Hernandez

Tags: 2d axios branding graphics hbo imaginary forces

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