Last year, Hulu relied on slippers and “catfluencers” to champion its “Hulu Has Live Sports” campaign.

But when the streamer struck a deal with six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady for its fourth consecutive ad in the big game, it generated buzz around what Brady deemed his “big announcement.”

And no, he’s not going anywhere.

The 42-year-old quarterback sets the scene for what seems to be his retirement announcement, only to endorse Hulu’s live TV offerings.

In the above spot, Hulu offers a behind-the-scenes look at the ad’s production. A robust voiceover documents the process, which became a game day of its own as the team at Hulu prepped a “winning commercial.”

Prior to the game, Brady teased the big announcement by posting a cryptic black-and-white photo on Twitter, stirring rumors about his offseason decision. It all amounted to the Super Bowl ad, which premiered during the second quarter of the game.

Check out the final product here:

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