This isn’t a football video game…it’s a watching football video game.

So says Hulu in the newest spot for its first-ever sports video game featuring NFL star Saquon Barkley. Instead of letting users play football as the New York Giants’ running back, Hulu Has Live Sports ‘20: The Video Game lets players sit on a couch and chase a TV (that spontaneously grows legs) while collecting cash and letters along the way.

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The streamer announced the project earlier this month, which coincides with its “Hulu Sellouts” campaign. The push has featured professional athletes like NBA stars Joel Embiid and Damian Lillard; however, Barkley is the first to inherit his own video game.

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Hulu Has Live Sports ‘20: The Video Game is available to play for free here. Players can also begin their free trial for the Live Sports add-on.

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