Director Daniel Sheppard has joined the roster of New York-based production company Identity.

Sheppard is the latest addition to Identity’s roster, following the additions of EP Molly Mitchell and directors Laura Martinova and Ronald Koetzier.

“A true maestro, Daniel embodies not just profound expertise, but also a pioneering zeal that resonates harmoniously with our company’s core values,” said Mitchell in a statement.

Sheppard comes to Identity after having spent nearly two decades in the advertising industry, starting out as an agency creative before finding his true calling behind the lens. In the nearly 15 years since, Sheppard has honed his directing style, creating spots for such brands as Hershey’s, LG, Sprint, Little Caesars and VH1, among others.

“After many years as a freelance director in the US, I wanted to be a part of a family again,” Sheppard said in a statement. “Identity has a tight roster of talented directors and it feels like I’m bringing a flavor that complements the others. It also really seems like they get my sense of humor and appreciate my style of work.”

Sheppard explores comedy in his work, whether he’s working for a brand or just for himself.

“I like to push the style of the worlds I’m shooting in. Even when our location calls for a simple living room, I think there are creative and subtle ways to push the look of the film so it still feels familiar, but stylized in a way that gives us a customized look,” Sheppard said. “As for the humor, I often try to find the weirdness in the script and figure out how to turn that into an unexpected twist.”

And while Sheppard finds inspiration in many places, he’s learned there are little things as motivational as a deadline.

“Sometimes I’m inspired by other commercials/movies, sometimes a music track, sometimes it’s literally just a TikTok or IG reel,” he said. “But one thing I am always inspired by is a deadline. Something about the sound of a clock ticking that gets the ideas flowing. I think I do my best work when it has a due date.”

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