To promote its airings of movies Barbershop and Barbershop 2 throughout May, IFC had the ingenious idea of turning an ice cube—or stack of giant ice cubes, in this case—into the star of those movies, Ice Cube.

The network dubbed the event Ice-Cube-A-Thon, because everyone deserves their own ‘Thon.

Viewers that tune into both movies are treated to the ongoing reveal of how the sculptors at Okamato Studio Custom Ice sawed, chipped and melted blocks of ice into a very good likeness of the actor and rapper.


EVP, Marketing & Digital Media: Blake Callaway

SVP, Brand Marketing: Kevin Vitale

VP/Creative Director: John Sinclair

Design Director: Ed Sherman

VP/Marketing Production: John Piccirillo

Director of Production: Fred Mullin

Director: Howard Grandison

Production Services: New World Video

Producers: Stephanie Cohen, Ward McCarthy, Dennis Shinners

Editors: Gary Belcher, Ayelet Leibovitch

Aaron Kent: Animator

Ice Sculpting: Okamato Studio Custom Ice

Tags: hot spots ice cube ifc

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