“Oct. 27, 1989, started out like any other day. Everything changed. Everybody’s life changed,” says one person who experienced what ended up being the beginning of a rash of serial killings along the shore of sprawling, freezing Lake Erie.

For its latest venture into true crime, Investigation Discovery brought Silver Spring, Md.-based IFDC a storytelling challenge: a show about an array of murders and victims, seemingly without a common thread other than the topographic feature of Lake Erie.

Striking a balance between archival footage and impactful re-creations, IFDC took inspiration from eerie horror film trailers that juxtapose moments of serene normalcy with erratic fast-paced action. The agency peppered in imagery of the lake and shoreline, allowing the viewer to draw closer and closer towards the water’s surface.

The end result is a promo for a series jam-packed with different stories, all building in intensity to evoke a singular emotion.

The Lake Erie Murders premieres Sunday, Dec. 30, at 9/8 c on Investigation Discovery.


Client: Investigation Discovery

SVP Marketing: Doug Seybert

VP Marketing Strategy and Digital: Nellie Ryan

Sr. Creative Director: Matt Kendis

Sr. Director, Marketing Production: Kyle Russell

Writer/Producer: Rebekah Nolan

Agency: IFDC

Creative Director: Heather Roymans

Associate Creative Director: Erica Kern

Art Director: Fabian Tejada

Sr. Designer/ Animator: Jason Leta

Writer/Producer: Kristen Edgell

Editors: Dave Nathan and Rory Sheridan

Sound Design/ Mix: Tyler Proctor

Tags: ifdc investigation discovery the lake erie murders

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