National Geographic continues its exploration of exceptional minds with the second chapter of anthology series Genius, starring Antonio Banderas as legendary modern artist Pablo Picasso.

After season one focused on Albert Einstein, starring Geoffrey Rush, season two digs into the legacy of Picasso, another iconic man whose genius was difficult for his loved ones to navigate.

For this spot, which manages to be both stark and colorful, Imaginary Forces reimagined three of the artist’s most passionate muses as color palettes. Each woman presents as a different range of colors, just as all women possess different ranges of emotions.

Genius returns to Nat Geo on Tuesday, April 24 at 9/8c.


Network: National Geographic

EVP Creative: Chris Spencer

Vice President of Design: Brian Everett

Creative Director: Erin Newsome

Senior Project Manager: Leah Wojda

Producer: David Numbers

Designed, Produced by: Imaginary Forces

Creative Director: Alan Williams

Art Director: Bryce Wymer

Executive Producer: Jon Hassell

Head of Production: Aleen Kim

Associate Producer: Christine Hernandez

Designers: Alan Williams, Bryce Wymer

Animators: Rick Kuan, Max Strizich, Irene Park

Compositor: Coche Gonzalez

Editor: Jeremiah Shuff Copywriter: Ed Munn

DP of Talent Visuals: Kurt Iswarienko, Kenneth Wales

DP of Element Visuals: Christian Haberkern

Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld

Tags: genius: picasso hot spots imaginary forces national geographic

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