Google and creative agency Imaginary Forces collaborated on the graphics package and teaser for Google Creative Labs’ six-part docu-series revealing how Google works to repel hackers across the internet. The result is a visual system that helps break down for viewers how complex computing actually works.

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“The landscape of cybersecurity has changed, and to understand how these hackers work you have to think like one. The security team at Google does just that to keep us safe,” said Imaginary Forces on its website. “Detailing the inception and unpacking the deception, we worked with Google Creative Lab developing a subset of 3D graphics for their six-episode series alongside their design and animation team. This is the story told through experiences that decode the countless invasive attacks of internet hackers over the past decade and the lengths Google will go to ensure web safety.”

To do that visually, Imaginary Forces constructed a metaphorical world of code, with a system of 2D glyphs and 3D voxels that formed a visual language.

Visual System

Visual Storytelling

“From visual montages to battleship metaphors, we enjoyed the collaborative design process while driving the message of Google’s virtual heroes fighting for the most vulnerable users on the interweb,” Imaginary Forces said.



Client: Google Creative Labs

Agency: Imaginary Forces

Graphics Package

Creative Director: Tosh Kodama

Art Director: Brandon Savoy

Designers/Animators: Isaac Taracks, Faraz Abbasi, Alejandro Robledo, Kevin Sanchez, Pedro Murteira, Ilya Tselyutin, Cisco Torres, Lamek Felix

Junior Designer/Animator: Soo Lee

Producer: Renee Robson

Production Coordinator: Jake Fritz


Creative Director: Tosh Kodama

Art Director: Brandon Savoy

Designer/Animator: Blaise Hossain

Editors: Danielle White, Zach Vanlik

Assistant Editor: Rachel Brewster

Producer: Renee Robson

Production Coordinator: Jake Fritz

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